What's In My Pack: Dash Longe


Name: Dash Longe

Birthday: June 27, 1985

Homebase: Salt Lake City, Utah

Occupation: Professional Skier, Licensed Realtor

Sponsors: Volkl, Marker, Dalbello, HiBall Energy, Tender Belly, BCA, Stio

Dash Longe grew up in the 90’s, spending his pivotal years stomping around Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows near his home in Tahoe City, California. All Dash wanted to do as a kid was go big, and going home wasn’t a question. Dash says that some nights he “even slept in the locker rooms,” at his local hills. Talk about some serious dedication to the pow. 

As a teenager rising up in the freeskiing ranks, Dash was determined to push his boundaries on the snow, and more importantly in the air. Dash’s fearless ability to go for bigger and bolder moves, combined with his fun-loving attitude are two key factors behind his successful career as a professional skier.

While Dash is now famous for his skills on a pair of planks, he is no stranger to the single board life. Growing up Dash and his twin brother, Hunter, were all about having a good time and shredding side-by-side, Dash skiing and Hunter snowboarding. Ironically, Dash will tell you that his motivation to take his skiing to the next level stemmed from his long-time passion for skateboarding. Dash says that skate films, like "Chocolate Tour" and "Welcome to Hell", had some of the biggest impact on his skiing, as well as snowboarding films, such as "Decade" and "The Resistance".

Today, Dash has made a home for himself at Alta/Snowbird in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not only has living in SLC allowed Dash to be in close proximity to some of the best mountains North America has to offer, but it has also given him the opportunity to pursue a career outside of skiing. When Dash isn’t carving up the mountains, he’s selling slopeside properties as a licensed realtor. It seems that no matter the situation, the mountains always have a hold on Dash’s life.

While Dash has been in an impressive amount of ski films throughout his career, most recently he shot with the Warren Miller crew for the 2018 film, Volkswagen presents Warren Miller’s Face of Winter.

What skis are you riding on these days? 

Volkl BMT 122 (1) and a Confession (2) for resort skiing.

What’s your favorite thing about skiing in Utah?

Alta and Snowbird. The snow quality, access from city life (versus small ski town), and side country is on point!

What snacks can be found in your pack at any given time?

HiBall Energy Water (3) gets me fired up without the jitters of a strong coffee, and I feel good about drinking it because the ingredients are organic and thoughtfully sourced. I'm also very addicted to the new Tender Belly Pork Jerky (4), which is like a bacon in a bag. It's unreal.

Whether you’re in the backcountry or on some groomers, what is the at-all-times item you have with you?

Tender Belly Pork Jerky. I'm so hooked...

What are your favorite on-mountain accessories?

I always have a buff on me. I'm also a mitten guy. I feel like I ski better in them. I just dig being all bundled like a kid on a snow day. I've been rolling a Royal Gore-Tex Mitt  (5) from POW Gloves, and they're super toasty.

How do you like to layer up on the days when the weather can’t make up its mind?

The buff is the first thing I ditch when I heat up. I rock Stio base layer (6) everyday and just swap out either a quarter zip  (7) or the Stio Azura packable puffy midlayer (8) based on temp and windchill. A light packable mid-layer is always good to have in the pack though.

When you’re in the backcountry what is the most important piece of safety equipment in your pack?

Beacon (9), shovel (10), and probe (11) are 100% mandatory, and those are always in my BCA Float pack (12) whenever I go to the hill. You never know when you might end up out-of-bounds or going for a walk. I always have my phone on me too.

Dash ripping it up with Points North Heli. Photo courtesy of Court Leve.

What’s your favorite catch phrase to use when you see a sweet line?

I really like to refer to lines and airs I'm seeing as various cuts of meat. It often helps to illustrate the vision quite nicely while keeping my goals vague (I hate claiming, its cooler just to ski lines).

As a father and a pro skier, what is one tip that you can give to parents teaching their young ones to ski?

Don't push too hard and make sure you come in when they're smiling. The goal is for them to leave the hill wanting more!


Catch Dash Longe in Volkswagen presents Warren Miller’s Face of Winter this fall.