Watch The Full 2020 Ritual MTB Film

The first ever MTB curated collection of films is now available to view online for free.

The Ritual Mountain Bike Tour is the inaugural gathering of mountain biking’s best films hitting the big screen. Featuring epic adventures, legendary lines, stellar storytelling, and interstellar athletes, the entire collection of films is not available for viewing on Vimeo. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the sport we love and feel free to share with friends and fellow disciples of dirt.

The 2020 film selections include the Ritual Intro, "Flight Path" (Matt Butterworth) , "Baja Dust" (KGB Productions), "Hurricane"(Leon Perrin), "Chasing Volcanos" (Leon Perrin), "Brett Reader" (Anthill Films), "Ride of the Dead" (Stept Studios), Kill The Clock (Wiley Kaupas), "Born from Baccountry" (Freehub MTB Magazine), "Beware of the Bulldog" (Anthill), "DOOM" (Felt Soul Media), and "Madman Trails of Bhutan" (Scott Secco). 


Learn more about submitting a film for next year's Ritual MTB Film Tour here.