Stein Eriksen

Synonymous with Style.

From SnoWorld 1989: Escape to Ski

The man is a wonder. Pure and simple.

Approaching 60. It’s a fact. But, to look at Stein Eriksen is to not believe it.

Look up the on the hill. Look up on the race course. Look at him as the genial host of the Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley. Look at him charm the teenagers. And, their mothers. And, their grandmothers.

Elegance. Maybe that’s a better word.

It all began in Oslo, this life-long ability to rise above the thousands of ski racers’ names you’ve long forgotten. He won his medals officially at the Oslo Olympics in 1952, but he’s won more than medals ever since. He’s won over a couple of generations to a sport he cherishes.

From his days at Sugarbush, Vermont when its reputation as “Mascara Mountain” was justly deserved, Stein moved to Aspen. He worked at Aspen Highlands and then came to Park City in its early development days, before joining the new Deer Valley project at the beginning.

Once, with a group of ski writers, he invited us to follow him. “Follow in my tracks,” he said. We tired. No one can follow in his tracks. Embarrassing, it was.

He stopped a ways after checking behind him. He knew we weren’t close to his tracks.

“Good,” he said. “You are very good skiers. Writers should be good skiers.”

Stein has kept his name and reputation in tact because he cares. He remembers your name and how you met.

With his son, Bjorn, Stein returns to a Warren Miller movie. Is that style and grace? If it isn’t, what is?

And, no one ever forgets their run with Stein Eriksen; nor the tracks they couldn’t follow.