Pond Skimming Through Slush Huck History

For your entertainment, we've dug through the archives to bring you these gems, just in time for spring skiing.


It's that time of year again, when the snow underfoot starts to feel more like slush than solid. And when this season comes around, one thing we can confirm, no matter the year - be it 1952 or 2019, is that humans are innately infatuated with hucking the slush. Call it naivete or just plan silliness, but no matter how wet their ski boots get, they just keep coming back every year to give it another go.


Whether or not your local ski hill is hosting any end-of-the-season festivities this year, here is a look back at some of our best pond skimming footage over the decades... 


1952: Wandering Skis


1960: Swinging Skis


1965: The Big Ski Show


1972: Winter People


1981: Ski In The Sun


1985: Steep and Deep


1987: White Winter Heat


Pond Skim - 2005: Higher Ground & 2009: Dynasty (Mash Up)


2016: Here, There, & Everywhere


2019: Timeless