Outdoor Adventure Companies Making Masks

These companies are paying it forward for public health.

The addition of grabbing a mask before running out the door is something we are all getting used to. The feeling of getting to your car and thinking “Oh no, I forgot my mask!” and having to run back inside is becoming all too familiar. While this may sometimes feel like an inconvenience, it is now one of the most important things on our checklist as we get ready for the day. In today’s climate, masks are saving lives and protecting us and the people around us from catching and spreading Covid-19. As we get used to the fact that we will be wearing these face coverings for a long period of time, we can look to companies like Voormi, Cotopaxi and Burgeon Outdoor who are creating and producing masks that are protective, environmentally friendly, and community focused.


 Voormi Every Day Gaiter

Photo courtesy of Voormi.com 


Based out of the rugged mountain town of Pagosa Springs in Colorado, Voormi is an advanced outdoor clothing company with a strong focus on sustainability, quality and purpose. Voormi creates products for people who fish, hike, camp, hunt, travel and participate in snow sports. Part of Voormi’s mission is to take a different approach in creating and selling their high-performance clothing. As stated on their site, “We believe fabrics and apparel should keep pace with the world around us – and that the clothing we wear should support a greater purpose.”

When the demand for masks hit, Voormi created the Everyday Gaiter to keep up with the world we live in. The company kept outdoor lovers in mind when designing and producing their take on a multipurpose mask that is lightweight, easy to wash, and incorporates ear loops into the contour fit gaiter along with a shorter back to reduce bulk, making it comfortable and friendly for everyday use.

Like all of Voormi’s apparel, the Everyday Gaiter is made from Merino Wool, which they use because of its environmentally friendly nature. Many outdoor companies create apparel using typical polyester, but this can take close to 90 years to break down in a landfill. Wool takes closer to 90 days, which is only one of the reasons Voormi uses natural fibers, which they believe is the future of sustainable clothing and athletic wear.


Cotopaxi Face Mask


Photo courtesy of Cotopaxi.com 


Cotopaxi is a pack and apparel company made for the travelers and adventurers with an affinity for doing good. The core model for the company is giving through The Cotopaxi Foundation by donating 1% of annual revenues which “boosts their grantmaking, democratizes their impact, and helps them make a bigger difference in the communities they touch.” From windbreakers and travel packs to hoodies, Cotopaxi is known for adding vibrant colors to their versatile products, ensuring their customers stand out.

Cotopaxi wanted to make a mask that didn't make people “feel like a top-secret ninja every time they go to the grocery store.” While designing, they added a little style and vibrancy by incorporating color to their mask, which is also reversible and made from repurposed fabric. Even better, for every mask purchased, Cotopaxi donates a mask to someone in need through Merci Corps.

Burgeon Outdoor Face Mask

Photo courtesy of BurgeonOutdoor.com 

Burgeon Outdoor

Based out of Lincoln in the White Mountain Range, Burgeon Outdoor is another outdoor apparel company focused on making an impact. With a strong appreciation for accessibility to the outdoors, Burgeon donates 5% of their total sales to strengthening local mountain communities and preserving environmental ecosystems. They design, test and manufacture their products in the mountain ranges of New Hampshire, making sure each hand sewn product is fit for the trails they are used on.

During the pandemic they hand sewed and donated over 5,000 masks to people on the Covid-19 front lines. Since the middle of March, Burgeon Outdoor pivoted 100% of their production to create cotton masks in order to alleviate shortages of PPE. In line with their mission of helping their mountain communities flourish, Burgeon is shipping their cotton masks to all New Hampshire residents free of charge, committed to spreading love and keeping their locals safe.

 Skida Face Mask

Photo courtesy of Skida.com

Other Notable Brands

Some other outdoor apparel companies creating masks are Skida and KEEN. Skida creates one of a kind masks with many different fun patterns and colors. KEEN produces a mask with adjustable ear loops made with skin friendly micro polyester coated with a water repellent coating.

Additionally, DPS, Goal Zero, PETZL and Eastman have come together to make medical grade face shields for front-line workers who have been working tirelessly to combat Covid-19.

It is incredible to watch various outdoor companies come together in the face of the pandemic and create different styles and methods of keeping our communities safe, active and stylish. So the next time you run out the door, don’t forget to grab your mask!


Mia is the current 2020 Summer Marketing & Content Intern at Warren Miller Entertainment. She is a student at University of Denver and originally from Tahoe.