Mt. Baker Slush Cup - 1976

There have been many episodes, in fact decades of the Mt. Baker Slush Cup. Every 4th of July since the roaring 40's, "Slush Cupper's" have suited up to throw down the slushiest cup in honor of Uncle Sam. I guess when it's the Fourth of July you must go up to water's edge and skip yourself across the pond like a true American headcase or "Slush Cupper". These days they might make you sign a waiver, list your IQ and struggle into a life vest before you can even think of dipping your toes into a liquid so frigid. In the good 'ole days, "Slush Cupper's" could do it all from cannonballs, back slaps, tomahawks and so on and so forth. Hold onto your million dollar mullets or perms and plunge 70's style with these circus acts.

REMEMBER: keep the first-aid kit and antifreeze handy! 

To watch more Mt. Baker Slush Cup footage go to our Youtube channel!


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