Lift Legends - Eric Farmer

On a lifty's typical day, he or she will probably greet heaps of crusty locals and out-of-towner's by the thousands. Embracing every assortment of winter fanatic from pow junkies to park rats, beauty trends from rowdy powstaches to irreversible goggle tans. Through all these horrifying sights they still dish out good-tempered smiles and satirical jabs to make you feel at home. Take a look at the pure snow fanatics.


Where did you grow up? 
Burbank, CA

Where did you learn to ride? 
Eldora Mountain Resort 

How old were you when you learned to ride? 
29 years old

How old are you now?
51 years old

Have you been a "liftie" before? If so, which mountain? 
No, I have worked at Eldora since '98.

Photo Courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort

Where is your favorite place to hang on/off the mountain? 
Out in the woods with my dog.

Park, backcountry, moguls or trees?
Backcountry or snow-skating.

What is the best wipeout you have ever seen? 
"My best wipeout happened while trying to spin a 360 and I landed directly on my head and shoulder. Still haven’t recovered 20 years later. Friends have never forgotten my wipeout."

Photo Courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort

Describe your dream first run of the day? 
"Fresh powder while coming down from Alpenglow to Corona. You can’t beat it, it’s what makes this job worthwhile. We can sometimes sneak in a few powder runs at the beginning of the day." 

What is your daily boot or mitten? 
"I'm probably the only one that does this on the mountain but, I change from snowboard boots to regular boots."

What board do you ride? 
Capita Ultrafear 156 cm.

Jam Band of choice? 
"Metallica, of whom are rarely considered a jam band."

Most recent Jerry of the Day? 
"This guy that lathers white pasty sunscreen on his entire face and has rearview mirrors on his helmet. I call him the caterpillar man!"

Photo Courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort

Best outfit you have ever seen?
"I like all the hot dog outfits. Any kids wearing an animal outfits. Also, I think its hilarious when girls wear dirty white pants."

Favorite team from any team sport? 
Colorado Avalanche.

Photo Courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort
Favorite Olympic event or moment? 
"Hockey but didn’t get to watch much of it this year. I liked Shaun White but I was really impressed with Red Gerard, he was fearless!"

Cheese, Chocolate, Champagne? 

Would you rather always have decaf coffee or non-alcoholic beer? 
Non-alcoholic beer.

If you could promote any product on any infomercial, what would it be? 
1 Ball Jay Snowboard Wax! 

Weirdest snack you have ever made? 
Pizza made out of Poppin' Fresh Dough.

Photo Courtesy of Eldora Mountain Resort

If you were to star in any movie what movie would that be? Why? 
"Terminator. I like Arnold!" (Arnold voice)

If you were to bring back any deceased historical figure from the past to be your friend/homie, who would it be? 
Bob Marley.

Would you rather be a host of a game show or star in a soap opera? 
Host of "Let’s Make A Deal".

Which talent would you most like to have? 

Who is your doppelganger? 
"Arnold Schwartzenager. I don't know why but Arnold is my man!"

If you were to pick one word/phrase for what skiing/riding means to you, what word/phrase would that be? 

If you were to live somewhere w/o mountains, where would that be? 
"Kansas, I think those people are interesting."

Lift Legends presents some of the best personalities at our favorite resorts.  We are looking for resort staff that dedicate themselves to making sure we all make it up and down the mountain safely. To nominate yourself or a fellow lifty please send contact info to