Lift Legends - Courtney Denney

On a “Lifties” typical day, he or she will probably greet guests in the thousands and heaps of crusty locals. And I mean thousands of all types of skiers and riders. Embracing every assortment of winter fanatic from pow junkies to park rats, beauty trends from rowdy powstaches to irreversible goggle tans. Through all these horrifying sites they still dish out good-tempered smiles and satirical jabs to make you feel at home. Take a look at the pure snow fanatics.

Where did you grow up? 
Fort Collins, CO 

Where did you learn to ski? 
Breckenridge, CO at age of 7 for skiing
Snowy Range, WY at age of 16 for snowboarding

Have you been a lifty before? Which mountain? 
Ticket Scanning for Breckenridge 2016-17 season

Which mountain do you work at currently?
Lift Operations for Mt Washington Alpine Resort, Vancouver Island, BC, CA 2017-18 season

Park, backcountry, moguls or trees?
Anywhere with powder. Anything but moguls.

Anthem of choice? 
Multi-Love by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

What is the best wipeout you have ever seen? 
Skier dropping poles while loading lift and bending over to grab them while getting hit with the chair and falling face first into the head trap area.

Where would you be? Who with?
My girlfriend, Eve, along with Mark and Craig McMorris somewhere in the European Alps.

What is your daily boot or mitten? 
Nike Zoom Force, blue and yellow tie dye. Rad Gloves’ mittens in Pac-man style.

Jam Band of choice? 
The Goonies from Boulder

Most recent jerry of the day? 
Guest wearing a rental helmet backwards with the clip on the front.

Who would you proclaim as your personal hype man/woman?

If you were to star in any movie what would it be/ which character?
Any Seth Rogan movie and I would want to play myself.

Which movie have you seen the most?
Step Brothers

Could you live on tacos, nachos or Burritos? If so, which/pick one?
All, but burritos specifically.

If you were to bring back any deceased historical figure from the past to be your homie, who would it be?
Biggie Smalls AKA Notorious BIG

If you were to eliminate any state in the USA, what state would it be an why?
Kansas because it’s too flat.

Photos Courtesy of Courtney Denney

Lift Legends presents some of the best personalities at our favorite resorts.  We are looking for resort staff that dedicate themselves to making sure we all make it up and down the mountain safely. To nominate yourself or a fellow lifty please send contact info to