Cody Townsend - Long Underwear Podcast Series Finale

For a fantastic, final treat from the Long Underwear podcast, Cody Townsend sat down with host Amie Engerbretson last winter. You might think you know everything about Cody, but we can guarantee you'll learn something new.


As one of the most awarded skiers in free skiing history, Cody Townsend has many accolades to his name. Hailing from Lake Tahoe, CA Cody is best known for iconic parts in ski films, skiing the “Most Insane Line Ever,”  and now for his current project, skiing North America’s “Fifty Most Classic Ski Descents.”

*Note: this podcast was recorded in January 2021. 

 Cody Townsend

Photo by Bjarne Salén

No More “S” Word: 

  • Once the “S” word is clipped from the list of conversation topics, Cody talks about his other athletic abilities including being a star quarterback in high school, as well as his lifelong obsession with surfing and growing up in Santa Cruz, CA. 

  • From there, Cody talks about his newest training regimen, a totally new approach with low heart rate endurance training. 

  • Next up, Cody talks about his chef skills, his childhood dreams of having a cooking show and his approach in the kitchen, cooking being one of his creative expressions and an exercise in adaptability. Amie gets called out to cook for the “Fantastics!” 

  • After that, Amie asks Cody what is sacred to him, especially in the face of a crazy world. Cody reflects on how quarantine and covid highlighted the importance of the mountains and the natural world in his life, as well as how much he loves his community and friends. 

  • Then, Cody talks about the highs and lows of the last year including getting closer with his wife Elyse through quarantine and the lows of being locked inside.

  • Finally, Cody wraps up by sharing a story about Laird Hamilton stunt doubling for Cody in a Warren Miller movie. 

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Photos by Bjarne Salén