“Climb to Glory” Legacy of the 10th Mountain Ski Troopers

We collaborated with The Colorado Ski Museum to produce a special, 45-minute documentary that tells the story of the 10th Mountain Division Ski Troopers and how they transformed the U.S. Ski Industry after World War II.




Info on hosting your own screening of "Climb to Glory" , please email John Shafer @ jshafer@outsideinc.com.

To purchase a copy of "Climb to Glory" in a BluRay/DVD combo pack, please visit our the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum as they have the last remaining copies. 

Produced by Warren Miller Entertainment in partnership with the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, Climb To Glory tells the story of the 10th Mountain Division Ski Troopers and how they championed the U.S. Ski Industry following World War II. The Mountain Division came into existence on July 13, 1943 at an Army base in the Colorado Rockies known as “Camp Hale”. The Division trained at 9,200 feet above sea level and honed their skills to fight and survive under the most brutal mountain conditions. After participating in a major turning point in the War, these heroes returned home from Italy as pioneering individuals and helped expand skiing into a lifestyle sport with ski resort development, product innovation, instruction and everything in between. Narrated by Olympian and future Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame inductee Jeremy Bloom and inspired by Warren Miller Athlete Chris Anthony, Climb to Glory highlights the 10th Mountain Division Vets’ astounding impact on our country and the ski industry while incorporating the fun and flair of Warren Miller films.

To host your own screening of "Climb to Glory," contact John Shafer, jshafer@pocketoutdoormedia.com, or 303-253-6342.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN: "Climb to Glory" is available now. Subject to market availability. 

HOW: Warren Miller Entertainment will provide the movie.  In addition to your DVD (or BluRay), WME will provide promotional materials, including posters, flyers, etc. You select the venue, place the advertising, gather sponsors, sell the tickets and run the show.  WME is available for consultation but the arrangements and presentation are up to you! 

FORMAT: DVD; or BluRay 

COST: Upfront guarantee/deposit versus a percentage of Gross Ticket Sales, whichever is greater.  Fee is negotiable depending on market, type of screening(s), number of showings, ticket price, etc.

WHY: Great fundraiser and marketing tool for your community, company, organization or group; or just a good way to make some money doing something unique and fun!

To host your own screening of "Climb to Glory", contact John Shafer, jshafer@pocketoutdoormedia.com, or 303-253-6342.



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