Photos by Scott Smith.

What is your number one goal in skiing/riding right now?
I've always thought that the most important aspect in skiing is to be good in all aspects of skiing. My number one goal has always been to be well-rounded.

Current favorite piece of gear? Why?
That's easy - my Volkl 100EIGHTs - super light and tough. They're my favorite ski for any conditions; be it groomers, deep pow and everything in between.

Best advice you were ever given?
 "Always do your best." - Mom

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
In Utah, we have so many top level skiers and riders that excel in all different aspects of skiing... Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big Mountain, Freestyle and all the rest. Plus the fact that we have some of the best terrain and epic amounts of snow. It's a perfect storm to create a very progressive and exciting arena. I think that my inspiration comes from being a part of that arena. I'm always pushed by watching Julian Carr jump off massive cliffs or Marcus Caston slicing through powder like an expert surgeon or Joss Christensen winning a Gold medal for our country. I feel very lucky to be able to share these mountains with the best in the world! And it makes me want to add my own flavor to the mix too.

What is your greatest fear?
Missing a powder day! duh

Best moment filming with WME this year?
The best moment was every moment! The first ski movie I ever watched was a Warren Miller movie. From then on, I always hoped I could be in one. So it's kind of a little kids dream come true. I'm super grateful I got the call and was able to ski with a great crew with great snow in a great place!