Name a person who inspires you to be a better skier?

People that inspire me to be a better skier are my friends. They push me to step out of my comfort zone, encourage me to try new things and support me through areas that really challenge me.   I have so much fun racing with them as well as free skiing in the powder for fun. Their sense of adventure makes being on the mountain with them and experiencing new terrain fun and allows me to test out my skills.  

Breakfast of champions?

I believe a solid breakfast of champions contains more than just a bar. If I want to be ready for a long race day, especially if I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to eat lunch, I always ensure I eat a sufficient breakfast. On the days when we are traveling and unable to utilize a kitchen it may be a run through the Starbucks drive in for a bacon gouda sandwich. Other days it is a hardy breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, avocado and some sort of fruit or orange juice on the side. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day so you might as well make it a good one.

Favorite chairlift and why?

My favorite chair lift on Mount Werner is probably Morningside on a powder day and the Basher Chairlift on a race day. The Morningside chair is on the back side of the mountain. The line is always super long on a powder day. Morningside is unique because when you load the chair and if the camp robber birds are out you can put some food on your glove and the birds will come right up to you and have a little snack. This chair also has one of the tallest spots on it from the ground which is always a little scary. Basher is a short chair but it is nice and relaxing if you are training slalom there. You can also watch people do tricks on the half pipe which is always entertaining. There are so many chairlifts in Steamboat, but these two are probably my favorite.

Highlight memory from filming with WME for this year's film?

My favorite memory from filming with Warren Miller was not only the unique opportunity to be a part of such an iconic movie BUT the people I had the chance to meet and interact with. The crew was so kind and helpful and made the experience fun, not stressful and memorable. I also reunited with my friends the triplets, Henri, Henniyah and Helaina. They always make me laugh and their presence made the time fly by during filming. The entire experience was so cool and I feel truly lucky to have had the good fortune of being a part of such an incredible project.  

What is your vision for the future of skiing?

My vision for the future of skiing and snowboarding is to diversify the sport. That was the main reason why I chose to be a part of the Warren Miller film. I want to be sure that people of color feel welcome on the mountain and that they have the opportunity to try winter sports. It’s important that people are represented and that those wanting to give skiing or snowboarding a try see it as available, accessible and inclusive. Flying down the mountain on a super G course or gliding through fresh powder is such an incredible experience and I believe everyone should have the chance to get out there and experience it for themselves. I’m hoping that by being a part of this film it will create conversation, spark ideas and encourage diversification of a sport that I truly love and is now part of my identity.    

What do you do to calm your butterflies before a big line/race/moment?

To calm my nerves before a race and after completing the inspection and a warm up I have my coach turn on the speaker and crank up the music. I encourage all of my teammates to start dancing. It’s really fun just to be all together and silly and it also distracts us from stressing about the upcoming race. In addition, it gets the blood pumping so that when you find yourself in the start gate you're ready and to go full send.


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