What do you enjoy doing to give your body a break? (Recovery routine, healing tips, etc.) Gym time, spin, stretch, and a light workout

Can you tell us about some of the gear you were using in your segment with WME? Volkl Shiro skis are the best I've ever had. Smith helmet and goggles, I love the Gage helmet and the I/OX. The North Face jacket and pants, base layers, gloves and backpack, it's all amazing stuff that keeps me warm and dry on those long film days. Sony Action Cam for all my POV footage.

Other than professional athlete, what is your dream job? It's hard to think of a dream job when I'm living my dream job

Most memorable moment filming with WME this year? Record snowfall and best ever conditions in Protillo Chile

Your idea of a perfect vacation sans skiing? Base jumping in Europe

Mantra to live by? All we have is the present moment, the future is a concept so live in the now.

Tunes to ski to? Everything from Iron Maiden to House and anything in between.