Name a person who inspires you to be a better skier?

My mom. She started a new tradition for herself, each year she wants to ski her age (1 year=1 day skiing). So this year she skied 71 days. Next winter will be (at least) 72. She inspires me. Never stop skiing.

Breakfast of champions? 

Breakfast for dinner is really the way to go! Sourdough waffles with whipped cream and berries and walnuts and allllllllll of the syrup.

The most interesting thing you've red or seen this year?

Just listened to Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History, it was an episode about dogs, their sense of smell and Covid-19, called The Dog Will See You Now. So good! Highly recommend giving it a listen. It was great insight and inspiring after working with an avalanche dog this past winter.

Highlight memory from filming with WME for this year's film?

Heli skiing!! I had NEVER been in a helicopter, let alone skiing from one! Also, eating with the WME crew at Irving’s, the longtime, local hotdog stand at the base of the mountain.

What do you do to calm your butterflies before a big line/race/moment? 

Calming butterflies can be oh so similar and yet different when responding to an emergency. But a mentor of mine, from the fire department, taught me to stomp my feet before responding to better ground myself and those butterflies.

Favorite classic ski film and why?

Out Cold for sure! Our house traditionally throws an “Out Cold Fest” to celebrate my roommate, Annie DeAngelo's birthday which consists of an Out Cold screening, king/queen-of-the-mountain-mountain-mountain sledding competition and so much more.


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