Chris Davenport with Warren Miller Films and Chugach Pow.

Chris Davenport and Stian Hagen have been up in Alaska for the last two weeks filming for this fall's movie. Take a look at their notes, photos, and video from the trip.

From Chris Davenport:

Hi Everyone, I have been up here in Girdwood, Alaska for the last two weeks filming for next fall's Warren Miller movie and it has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride. We had some good film days to start the trip off but then got shut down by weather for 5 days in a row. Fortunately luck was on our side and Mother Nature was kind as we just absolutely killed it yesterday out in the Chugach Mountains with some perfect snow and steep lines. Stian Hagen and I are the skiers, Chris Patterson the cameraman, and Tom Evans the photographer. Big shout out to our safety guides Rob Durny and Brad Cosgrove as well.

Enjoy the photos here in the Gallery!

- Chris Davenport

From Stian Hagen:

Wow! I just had one of my best days of heli skiing  yesterday! We had a pretty tough start to the trip, lots of down days, and on the days we actually got out we were dealing with some very unstable snow conditions. Down days have been pretty good here in Girdwood as we have had the resort to ski, and also done some cat skiing. Unstable snow in Ak is a very frightening prospect as a lot of the lines have major exposure, the first day we set of a couple of slides, and then we had a few more days of snow. The next time we went out we saw a lot of natural avalanche activity in the terrain, and it also got really warm. We skied some smaller lines, but stayed away from the really good stuff. The weather report looked pretty bad for the next 5 days, but miraculously  yesterday morning was clear. We headed out to a zone called Spinecell. The coolest zone i have ever seen or skied! Spine after spine after spine in perfect snow!

Here is a little edit of the footage Chris and I got from Ak. All the riding/action shots are shot on the GoPro HD and Chris Canon S90, pocket digital camera, so don’t try to look at this on a 60″ plasma screen!

I hope you enjoy it!

 - Stian Hagen