What do you enjoy doing to give your body a break? (Recovery routine, healing tips, etc.) Ice bath, massage, recovery run

Can you tell us about some of the gear you were using in your segment with WME? Patagonia clothes, Pret helmets (so lightweight and awesome and great colors), Leki poles, Nordica skis (lightweight and rip on the down), Skida headbands and neck gaiters - my fav! Elemental Herbs Sunscreen

Other than professional athlete, what is your dream job? An artist - painting

Most memorable moment filming with WME this year? Sunrise on Superior

Your idea of a perfect vacation sans skiing? Hiking, swimming, surfing, adventuring

Mantra to live by? "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky

Tunes to ski to? Scissors Sisters