What’s your “Back in my day, we…”?

Back in the day, skiing in Australia, we would wear dishwashing gloves stretched over our ski gloves so we could ski in the rain for longer.

Who has inspired your skiing the most?
Sarah Burke

Best recovery exercises?
Yoga or swimming and a good session on the roller

Ideal down day?
Coffee, yoga and hanging with friends. 

Favorite on-mountain fuel/snack?
Anything that involves peanut butter

Spiciest/most intimidating line you've skied or ridden this year?
There were a couple pillow lines at Blanket Chalet Glacier in interior BC that really got my heart racing! I had my K2 skis teammates (Lexi Dupont, Greg Hope and Corey Seeman) cheering me on, so I couldn't not send them!

Goals in skiing/riding this next year?
I wanted to start throwing tricks off natural features, which I finally started doing in April on a 2-week road trip along the Powder Hwy in BC

What’s a great book you’ve read recently?
Cloud Atlas

Favorite mountain range?
The Coast Mountain Range in British Columbia. Close to home with so much to explore!

Working title for the book or movie about your life?
Finding The Line ;)

Best moment filming with WME this year?
Sitting on the side of a mountain in Iceland with Amie Engerbretson and Johnny Mosely and watching the sunset over the ocean at 11pm, while waiting for the Heli ride home to Arctic Heli Ski.

How did Warren Miller the man influence your skiing/riding career?
I first saw a Warren Miller film when I was about 12yrs old and obsessed with racing. Watching it changed my perspective of skiing from serious to fun. Not long after that, I turned to freestyle skiing.....!