Alaska Sphinx, Go Behind the Scenes of 65 with Chris Anthony

Chris Anthony checks in during a shoot for #65 in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains.

Chris Anthony checks in while filming in Alaska’s Chugach Mountains for the 2014 Warren Miller film. In the clip, athletes Ingrid Backstrom and Jess McMillan wait for the perfect conditions before they rip their lines.

From Chris:

The Group arrived at 10:30 AM and started the long set up. By the time the girls got to ski it was near 2:30. The girls sat on top for more than two and half hours waiting for everything to be perfect. This was after going through full safety checks.

This was one of those epic moments that will take maybe a few minutes in the film, but took almost all day to nail. The entire group admitted this day was meant for this to happen, as conditions could not have been more perfect. Moments like this are not planned. They are gifted. The crew sat for 6 days than had 3 days of amazing filming.