Inline skating has been a great way to cross-train for skiing for years. Many of us here at Rollerblade® are also lifelong skiers. We challenged ourselves to take what has always been an informal way for us to maintain ski-ready fitness, and transform it into a training program that truly mirrors the movements and skills used in skiing.


We teamed up with our friends at the Professional Ski Instructors of Amarica® and U.S. Ski and Snowboard to build out a program based on proven methods of training. The result is a series of videos and this companion guidebook.


The program is designed as a progression of Phases. In Phase 1, you’ll cover basic skills that ensure you’re ready to progress. Phases 2, 3 and 4 get into true cross-training for skiing. Many of these drills are derived from proven methods of ski training drills used by the PSIA and the U.S. Ski Team.


We hope you’ll find this program as fun to try out as it was for us to build. And if you’re able to progress through the entire program, you will absolutely be in the best ski-ready shape possible for next winter. 


The Skate to Ski Training System is a progression of phases. Start with Phase 1 and perform the exercises in order. Make sure you've mastered a Phase before progressing to the next one.
Always wear your helmet and protective gear. And most importantly - have fun with this!

Don’t Lose Your Edge This Summer!

Rollerblade has designed specific inline skates with the needs of skiers in mind. Choose one of our molded shell skates that are ideal for cross-training. Molded boot shells provide the support and precession skiers are looking for.

Inline skating is the best way in the off-season to recreate the unique muscle movements and carving motions found in skiing. Skiers at every ability level are discovering the amazing cross-training and fitness benefits of inline skating. Whether you’re a green run cruiser, powder hound, or podium seeking racer, connect your winters with Rollerblade inline skates.