Points North Heli Adventures, Alaska

Featured Athletes: Forrest Jillson, Tanner Rainville

The first time Points North Heli-Adventures first appeared in a Warren Miller film was in 2002’s Storm. Since then, PNH, based out of Cordova, Alaska, has become a regular feature in our films. Over the years, countless skiers and snowboarders have made the journey to the Chugach Mountains, knowing that when the goods are good, monumental moments are made. No strangers to big lines, steep drops and extreme heli landings, seasoned big mountain skiers Tanner Rainville and Forrest Jillson feel right at home in this terrain. Bringing with them plenty of experience, excitement and enthusiasm, they take on a mix of iconic lines and new PNH territory. Primed for the Alaskan goods, Tanner and Forrest aim to leave their own stamp on Chugach skiing history.