Featured Athletes: Marcus Caston, Connery Lundin 

Boat Trip

Big mountain skiers Marcus Caston and Connery Lundin take a voyage aboard The Babkin - a fishing boat hailing from Anchorage, looking for adventure like they’ve never experienced before. Disconnected from the world at large, they navigate the waters up the coast of Alaska, disembarking along the coast to lay down skin tracks through the Hemlock forests that rise above the water's edge, following the snow to swaths of endless terrain above tree line, where they find big lines, pillow drops, spines, and everything in between.      

Heli Trip

From sea to sky, Marcus and Connery trade in boat life for a Majestic Heli tour of the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountains. From atop of some of the biggest lines in North America, Marcus and Connery unlock access to endless bucketlist terrain packed with high alpine lines, open bowls, and low angle powder.