"Children of Winter" (2008) - Watch for Free

When the days get short and cold and the land is blanketed in white, that’s when the kids come out to play. We’re called by untouched faces begging for tracks; by unbuilt jumps begging for a shovel, unclimbed mountains begging for someone to stand atop them and declare: Winter’s open for business.

Meet the relatives you never knew you had: Daron Rahlves, Pep Fujas, Wendy Fisher, Jamie Pierre, Seth Wescott, Andreas Hatveit, surfing legend Gerry Lopez, and many more. They’re in awe of the mighty Chugach Mountains and they live to watch Utah powder fall by the foot. They gather in mountain communities like Bend, Oregon or Steamboat, Colorado, where the lifts are just up the road. They travel as far as Japan to ski with friends they never knew they had. They get towed behind galloping horses into huge jumps with flat landings ... actually, that’s just one guy in the movie. But for the rest, their reasons are our reasons, and whether it's our first season or our fortieth, we’re all Children Of Winter. Welcome to the family.