Arne Backstrom's Vision Comes to Fruition

The late Arne Backstrom collaborated with Tecnica/Blizzard engineers to develop revolutionary technology that only a visionary like Arne could create.

Arne had an idea for a better ski which Blizzard has implemented in some amazing new gear. It has been named Flip Core Technology and involves a new method of pressing a reverse camber ski. Arne's ideas also helped develop a brand new race-flex boot with Dynafit touring inserts for high performance skiing in the backcountry.

In addition to Arne's ideas on skiing technology, he had strong beleifs about sustainability and the environment. In an article published on, Arne stated, "we need to change our ways so that our sport may continue in as many places as possible. Skiers have special incentive to do their part with responsible energy consumption and helping the environmental movement gain momentum.”  Therefore, the Arne Backstrom Memorial Fund was established in his honor to support and promote outdoor opportunities and promote outdoor education for disadvantaged youth. Click here to contribute to the fund.

See the video below for details on how Arne's skiing technology vision is turning the freeride world upside down.

Clem Smith Speaks About Flip Core and Arne Backstrom from Frank Shine on Vimeo.