Projectionist Road Crew 2019


The Projectionist (P) is the production component of the tour. They are responsible for setting up the screens, playback systems, sound (where appropriate) and music.  Traditionally the Projectionist has a strong technical or electronic background but this is by no means essential.  The key part of the role involves learning how Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) expects every show to run and learning how to execute all of the correct steps to ensure the smoothest possible production.  The Projectionist’s responsibility is to manage the production inventory and ensure it is not damaged, defective or incomplete.  In addition, time will be spent researching the venues and anticipating technical needs ahead of time and working with the Road Crew Manager and the Film Tour Dept to make certain that you are properly prepared to run the show.  Once on site, the Projectionist must work closely with the venue production staff so that the technical set ups, run-throughs and the event itself are measured at the highest production standards, as expected by WME.  It is also the Projectionist’s responsibility to coordinate the Air Cargo shipping of the tour inventory and to assume the majority of the truck driving duties.  Further illustration of duties below.    


  • Compile pre-tour inventory, including weight and size, of all travelling pieces – production and display Ensure all projection equipment and screens are in full working order and that Gak Box for all technical and production needs has been prepared and appropriately stocked.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that the quality of each screening and respective production meets the standards and direction of Warren Miller Entertainment
  • Understand and be able to explain technical needs for screening
  • Anticipate technical issues and respond in a timely fashion, communicating concerns quickly and concisely to the Film Tour Department so that contingencies can be provided
  • Check venue details in Guido (Filemaker Pro), print copies of tech information and be sufficiently prepared for event
  • Understand the Screen Schedule and coordinate the pickup/drop off of screens to Air Cargo or UPS where appropriate
  • Liaise with production staff at venue for an efficient execution of production schedule
  • Maintain contact with Road Crew Manager during ground movement, guaranteeing a safe, coordinated and timely journey between venues
  • Work with RCM organizing Air Cargo drop off/pick up, and compile copies of appropriate paperwork and/or shipping numbers
  • Presentation of pre-show PowerPoint display and vintage clips
  • Maintain and operate all equipment carefully and appropriately
  • Develop a strong working relationship with MC
  • Assess and report status of screens, projectors, lenses, bluray players, general tech equipment


 To Apply- please send a resume and cover letter to John Shafer, Senior Manager of Operations and Distribution.