What’s more important to you than skiing? Snowboarding, but really the most important thing is good health, lots of laughter and the feeling of satisfaction for myself and my family and friends.

Other than skiing, what has been your latest passion? Music is a big passion of mine. A friend and I make music for fun and play some shows when we can. www.milehisound.com I also really enjoy surfing, golfing and good food. 

How did you cross over from amateur to pro? What is the story behind it? I think the cross came when I was 15. I was at Big Bear for a pro half pipe contest and I ended up winning, so after that day I was considered a pro.

What are 5 items you couldn’t live without? Computer, iPhone, Smart Water, headphones, snacks.

Who has had the biggest influence in your life and why? I’ve had lots of great influences but in the end I’d say my family has had the most. Drawing from my parents’ hard work ethic and humble attitude had probably had the most amount of influence on me.

What had the biggest impact on your life in the past year? The day of the fall of Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis during the season, and then CR passing away had by far the most impact of the year thus far. It really reminded me to honor my health and most of all my life every day. RIP CR. So much love for you, and much respect to KP and Danny for their remarkable progress they’ve already made from their injuries.

Deep pow or huge air?
Both, please!

If you could ski with any person in the world who would it be? I like riding with my parents. Those days are always fun.

What was your favorite trip of the ‘09 season?
Mt. Snow Vermont for the Dew Tour finals. It was a treat to win that last stop and take the Dew Cup after missing out on Vancouver by one spot in a tie breaker.

What is your next big goal? To have another good season competing and travelling.