Going Back To Montana For The 65th Warren Miller Movie

Check out this previously unreleased Montana footage from Ticket to Ride and get stoked to see more of The Big Sky Country in this year’s movie.

Montana's Terrain
Tyler Ceccanti and Josh Bibby found just what they were looking for when they were introduced to Montana’s pristine powder playground. From tree hidden glades to looming snow ghosts, Montana’s terrain has something epic for every snow rider.

Montana's Wildlife
In Montana, everyone has a few wild neighbors. We're not talking about the typical wild neighbors who throw all-night parties; we're referring to bobcats, elk, moose, trumpeter swans, wolves, and more. In fact, Montana has a greater variety of wildlife than any other state in the lower 48. Think of it as a giant, natural animal preserve.

Montana's Epic Backcountry
As the fourth-largest state and hardly populated, Montana could be the most overlooked ski destination in North America. Easily accessible, backcountry touring offers friendly tree glades that aren’t too dense to navigate. Gusts of wind charge through the Flathead Valley and pick up snow, frosting the trees that occupy the surrounding peaks—sculpting impromptu backcountry features, ideal for dropping, jibbing and taking laps through the knee-deep cold smoke snow of Montana.

Montana's Untamed Beauty
When the snow flies (and fly it does), Montana is transformed. Under a blanket of powder and winter air, Montana’s mountains are even more powerful.

Montana Ski Towns
Scattered throughout the majestic Montana mountains you’ll find 16 ski areas with fewer people, shorter lift lines and a lot more untracked snow than you can imagine. You’ll also find quaint ski towns full of friendly locals sharing the unexpected and even maybe their huckleberry pie.